3 Amazing Classes Now Available On Video!

Our dear friend and local Shamangelic Healer Anahata Ananda has just released 3 amazing new video courses. Please check them out!




“Anahata is so passionate, lively, and intuitive. She makes these concepts accessible and personal. So much valuable information was shared. So much fun; so much empowerment; so much of what I needed… so much LOVE! I truly feel blessed.” ~ Scott Berger

“Anahata’s courses offer foundational teachings for life! She is a true wisdom teacher who allows passion and humor to flow through in a graceful and informative way. Her knowledge of the content was deep, valuable, and applicable to life. I am infinitely grateful.” ~ Chance Brokaw

“The most amazing gift with these courses is Anahata’s knowledge and free spirit in presenting the material. The insight she provides for different aspects of life’s journey is priceless. She is a true love and light in the lives of those who seek clarity in spiritual growth.” ~ Doug Reurink